DH Industries the service provider in Cryogenic Solutions

DH Industries is an experienced cryogenic service provider in Cryogenic Solutions, specialized in stand-alone cryogenerators and closed-loop cooling systems. Our two brands, Stirling Cryogenics and CryoZone, have earned a solid reputation in their respective field of expertise. They go the extra mile to fulfill their clients’ expectations and help them succeed. 

In the cryogenic world of extreme low temperatures, DH Industries is the moving force behind durable and innovative technological solutions. Powered by ideas noted for their originality, we play a pivotal role in the success stories of the modern age.

Our Cryogenic Solutions

Our cryogenic solutions are the bedrock of technological progress. Organizations, companies and people around the world put our breakthrough solutions to the test every day.

Thousands of patients safely breathe oxygen from life support systems in hospitals. Millions tap into the renewable electrical power harvested from wind turbines, which will become more powerful and cost-efficient with the aid of high-temperature superconductivity. A billion people in India can afford to buy milk due to improved supplies from artificially inseminated cows.

And all our lives depend on the research into HIV and other viruses conducted in laboratories all over the world.

Cryogenic Service Provider

DH Industries paves the way for those who rely on cryogenic technology to excel at what they do.

Although different in character and aspirations, DH Industries' two main brands, Stirling Cryogenics and CryoZone, all share the same passion for expertise and technical flair. We embody a well-balanced synthesis of creativity and knowledge. Quality and excellence are always foremost on our mind.

For all of us at DH Industries this boils down to one thing: bringing people together who excel at what they do. And who in turn are dedicated to helping clients excel at what they do.

Ultimately this is what makes us tick.

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