DH Industries' main predecessor has been Philips Cryogenics (part of the Royal Philips NV of The Netherlands). 

It all began with Philips Cryogenics

History of DH Industries

For over 30 years our cryogenerators have been know as the “Philips Cryogenerator” (Norelco in North America). As early as the 1930’s Philips got involved in the development of the Stirling engine as a possible source of power for their electronics. In the 1950’s and 60’s this research and development resulted in the Stirling Cryogenerator which was very useful for their medical division. In order to commercialize this technology and know-how the Philips Cryogenics group was created and has been successful ever since. At their peak time (end of the 60’s, early 70’s) they where employing over 100 people and supplying Cryogenerators all over the world for all kind of emerging applications, including liquid Air and Nitrogen production, Hydrogen and Oxygen liquefaction, Marine and Shipping, LNG and Methane, etc.

Stirling Cryogenics and Refrigeration BV

In the early 1990’s, as part of operation Centurion, (a major reorganization of the Philips company, which reshaped the company and split off numerous small companies) the cryogenics group was sold to the American Koch Process Systems.

Through a management buy-out in 1996 the group became fully independent and changed its name into Stirling Cryogenics (and Refrigeration BV). Ever since that day the group has been fully committed in designing, supplying and preserving the legacy of the cryogenerators and systems.

In 2002 the Indian branch of Philips Cryogenics was acquired and added to the organization and named Stirling Cryogenics India Pvt. Ltd.


In 2008 the company and brand CryoZone was created to serve the market with cryogenic products and solutions beyond the Stirling Cryogenerator. Currently the brand supplies a full range of CryoFans (Cryogenic gas circulators) for (remote) cryogenic cooling and Cryogenic heat exchangers and pumps.

DH Industries Group

In 2010 DH Industries USA (DHIU) was incorporated and started business in Woburn (MA), USA to serve the North American market for Stirling Cryogenics and CryoZone products.

In 2014 DH Industries Group was founded, with DH Industries BV, Stirling Cryogenics Pvt. Ltd., DH Industries USA Inc. as it's subsidairies. Stirling Cryogenics and CryoZone have become registered brands and trade names since.

See also: the history of the Stirling Cycle

SPC-1 DH Industries

Timeline DH Industries

1816   Robert Stirling invented the “Stirling Engine”
1938   Philips Research Laboratories started R&D into the Stirling Engine
1950   The first drop of liquid Air was produced with a “reversed Stirling cycle engine”
1954   Philips build their first (commercial) Stirling based refrigerator (named) Cryogenerator
1958   2-stage Cryogenerator was developed
1970's   Full commercialization of a full range of Cryogenerators by Philips Cryogenics
1992   Philips Cryogenics was sold to Koch Process systems 
1996   Through a management buy-out the company became independent and was renamed Stirling Cryogenics and Refrigeration BV
2002   Philips Cryogenics India is added
2008   The (subsidiary & brand) CryoZone is created
2009   The name of the company changed from “Stirling Cryogenics & Refrigeration” into “Stirling Cryogenics BV”
2010   DH Industries USA is incorporated
2014   DH Industries Group is introduced. Subsidairies DH Industries BV, Stirling Cryogenics India Pvt. Ltd., DH Industries USA Inc. 

Heritage Cryogenerators

From the early beginning the four (1-stage one and four cylinder and 2-stage one and four cylinder) basic models Cryogenerators have been the hart and key components of all our supplies.

Although the Stirling-cryogenerators have been improved and modernized over the years, the basic design and principles have remain the same since the development in the 1950’s.

The Philips Cryogenerators have proven to be highly reliable and many, supplied as early as 1960, are still in operation (after more then 40 years of operation and with proper maintenance). For a lot of these old systems maintenance and parts can still be provided and delivered.

Cryogenerator history

In 2009 a 4-cylinder Cryogenerator, delivered in 1967 at the University of Brussels, Belgium, reached 192,000 operating hours!, producing liquid Nitrogen (estimated over 2,880,000 liters).

Below you will find a list of old names and products that we use to supply, or are replaced by modern equivalents:

PLA (107/433)

  Liquid Air producing Cryogenerator (with a “snow separator”;
either a 1 or a 4 cylinder unit . Replaced by the current StirLAIR systems
PLN (106/430)

  Liquid Nitrogen producing Cryogenerator with a cryogenic distillation column to produce Nitrogen; either a 1 or a 4 cylinder unit
Replaced by the current StirLIN systems
PPG (102/400)

  1-stage (either 1 or 4 cylinder) Cryogenerator for (closed loop) process cooling

Replaced by the current SPC-1 and SPC-4
PGH (105/420)

  2-stage (either 1 or 4 cylinder) Cryogenerator for (closed loop) process
cooling including Cryofans
Replaced by the current GPC-1 and GPC-4

  Small 2-stage Cryogenerator

  Helium liquefier with 2 two stage cryogenerators.

  Neon and Hydrogen (re-) liquefiers
Replaced by the current SPC-T and/or LPC range

  Large capacity (25kW @ 77K) Industrial Cryogenerator.
MNP (5/10/12/20/25/

  Liquid Nitrogen plant
Replaced by the current StirLIN

 Liquid nitrogen plant replaced by the current StirLIN

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