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Stirling Cryogenics


Stirling Cryogenics is the world leader in stand-alone cryogenic cooling systems. Based on the Stirling cycle cryogenerator, its systems make it possible to provide on-site solutions for gas and liquid processes that produce temperatures ranging from -75 °C to -250 °C. As a result businesses, industries, hospitals and research centers all over the world have access to a reliable on-site supply of liquid gas (usually nitrogen) for cryogenic cooling purposes.

Stirling Cryogenics develops and produces standard cooling systems as well as custom-made systems for use on location. Other applications include process coolers, gas liquefiers, power coolers and cold cabinets. All its products are accompanied by full customer support services covering installation, on-site servicing, and the supply of spare parts.



CryoZone stands for expertise in the field of cryogenic engineering. This company delivers custom-made cryogenic solutions that are ready for use as functional hardware. This makes their products and systems ideally suited for OEM system builders.

CryoZone’s strength lies in its engineers who are smart, skillful and creative thinkers, excellent at improvising and troubleshooting. No time is wasted in making a thorough assessment of a client’s needs, locating the problem and finding the appropriate solution. The client’s requirements are always kept foremost in mind.

Fondly nicknamed ‘the Cryo Creatives’, the CryoZone team operates at the frontier of what is technically possible in cryogenics. Large companies with very specific requirements with regard to cryogenic cooling rely on CryoZone’s out-of-the-box approach. Often this means solving problems in a completely different way.


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