Liquid nitrogen is used to store Biological materials such as semen, ovum, blood, seeds and viruses. A reliable supply of liquid nitrogen is of vital imporance because mostly those materials are stored for a long-term.


Many years of work and investment can be destroyed due to a lack of sufficient liquid nitrogen.
Thus, it is very important to consider this and make sure that liquid nitrogen is availabe in a reliable way.

Customers that need only small quantities of liquid nitrogen will not always be served perfectly by the bulk suppliers, at the same time long distances to the bulk production site may have logistic difficulties.

A perfect solution for the above mentioned issues is having your own liquid nitrogen production system on-site. By using DH Industries' StirLIN production system Biological Research Facilities and Artificial Insemination Stations are in control of their own LN2 production, and being independent of bulk suppliers and logistical problems.

With a StirLIN liquid nitrogen production system, production can take place close to the point of use.
In order to start the system, you will only have to put electricity or fuel into the system for an electric generator. Ambient air is the raw material used for liquid nitrogen.

The StirLIN systems are fully automatic and sized to a wide range of liquid nitrogen consumption patterns. Besides this they are having a long mean time between maintenance (MTBF) which will give you easy liquid nitrogen supply.

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