LNG & Biogas

With the increasing demand to minimize the effects of oil based fuels on the environment, alternative energy sources show large steps forward. More and more companies are willing to invest in researching and developing alternative fuel sources. Two low environmental impact alternatives are considered with priority. Natural gas and biogas from different sources.

In order to store, transport or use large quantities of Natural gas it is cryogenically cooled and liquefied at temperatures around 110 Kelvin (-163°C, -260 °F). This is called LNG (liquefied Natural Gas). This Creating, storing and shipping large quantities of a cryogenic fluid (LNG) creates several issues. DH Industries' solutions are extermely well suited to overcome these.

With our cryogenic equipment Natural gas or Biogas can be liquefied (LNG production) in the small scale of around 200 - 7,000 kg/day. The same equipment can be used to handle / manage Boil off Gas (BOG). Our small scale LNG liquefiers can be used either to directly reliquefy the LNG BOG, or, in combination with our CryoZone equipment, indirectly reliquefied.

Please click on below logo's to be directed to the LNG/Biogas sections of our brands Stirling Cryogenics (Cryogenerators, crycoolers, closed loop cooling systems and cryogenic solutions) and CryoZone (CryoFans, Cryogenic Circulators, heat exchangers for cryocoolers and cryogenic liquid pumps).

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