At many universities all over the world Cryogenics are used by Faculties of Physics, Biology and Chemistry for all kind of different applications.

DH Industries' solutions are extremely well suited for these applications.

Most important for those Faculties is having a reliable supply of liquid nitrogen all the time. Many universities all around the world therefor invested in having their own StirLIN liquid nitrogen production system. The capacity and size of these systems varies and depends on the quantity of liquid nitrogen consumed by the university.  The most important thing they have in common are that they are guaranteed in-house supply
of LN2 and are not depending on outside ordering and logistic problems.

Physics and Chemistry Faculties have high tech measuring instruments that need cooling to be functional: infrared sensors, spectroscopy camera’s, NMR’s etc. Liquid nitrogen is also used in vacuum chambers for shroud cooling such as MBE’s.
Biology requires liquid nitrogen for cryopreservation to store samples of cells, tissue, oocytes, semen, plant seeds etc. over very long periods in cryogenic storage containers.

Common denominator for all these Faculties and instruments is that they need a reliable supply of liquid nitrogen. Hundreds of Universities all over the world have therefore invested in one of our StirLIN liquid nitrogen production systems.
Depending quantity of liquid consumed, the size and production capacity of these systems may vary. What they have in common is that they give all these users peace of mind and guaranteed in-house supply of LN2. No need for outside ordering, no dependence of supply logistics.

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