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Only with the right know-how will you really get the best out of your equipment. The DH Industries Academy offers a series of training options designed to make high-performers out of your staff and thus your machine. The training courses available cover all the specialisms involved for as well operators, as your maintenance staff. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for in our standard program, our trainers will also be pleased to develop a customized training concept tailored specifically to your company. Whichever mode of training you opt for: you will always get a balanced mixture of theoretical background and practical exercises. You can then immediately use the knowledge acquired in your company to optimum effect for enhanced profitability:

Customized training contents matched to your company’s needs

Extensive training material incorporating the latest insights


  • A thorough understanding of the Stirling cycle and the Stirling equipment with regard to operation,
    maintenance and troubleshooting;
  • Training in efficient communication with the Stirling helpdesk and consequently quick support in
    case of questions or problems;
  • Reduction of (unforeseen) maintenance costs thanks to improved understanding of plant operation.

After the training you will be able:

  • To detect some possible problems before they occur and to take preventive and/or corrective action;
  • To service a Stirling cryocooling system for maintenance up to 36,000 running hours, such as:
    • Regenerator cleaning and scheduled maintenance;
    • Compressor and filter train maintenance;
    • PSA pneumatic revision;
    • Cleaning and adjustment of the chiller.
  • You will be given additional explanation beyond the standard maintenance level with regard to
    any specific problems encountered with your own installation.


Succesfull finishing of the training will give you a level of understanding confirmed by a Stirling Maintenance Engineer Certificate.


The Maintenance Engineer hands-on training course takes 5 working days. It consists of theoretical instruction in the mornings and practical training on the equipment in our workship in the afternoons. Every training will have a minimum of 3 participants.

Training weeks 2017

  • Week 24 (12 to June 16)          - StirLIN/StirLITE 
  • Week 27 ( 4 to July 6)              - SPC-1/SPC-4 
  • Week 38 (18 to September 22) - StirLIN/StirLITE 
  • Week 49 ( 4 to December 8)     - StirLIN/StirLITE 


You can register for this training by filling in the form below or give us a call: +31 40 2677 300

We will contact you as soon as possible to complete your registration and give you further information about this trainingcourse. 

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